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The ROME themed writing challenge.
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Welcome to 5_fabulae, a themed writing community for ROME fanfiction.

The goal of 5 Fabulae is to encourage more fanfiction in the ROME fandom by asking writers to commit to writing at least five stories.

It works like this:
1) You read the rest of the userinfo, familiarizing yourself with the rules and such.
2) Join the community.
3) Choose a character, pairing, group, etc. to claim. That means that you'll be writing each of your stories about that claim.
4) Pick one or more theme sets to write for. If you claim more than one set, that means that you plan to write for all of the themes in both sets. If you pick on set, you're signing up for five stories. If you pick three sets, you're signing up for fifteen stories, etc.
5) Wait for me to let you know you're accepted.
6) Write your stories!

- You my claim anything from the HBO series ROME: characters, pairings, groups, etc. You may write crossovers, but you may not claim them.

- If you claim a character, each story has to be about that character. You may include any pairings as long as that character is a major part of each story.

- If you claim a pairing, each story has to be about the relationship between those two characters. The relationship doesn't have to be romantic or sexual -- it could be friendly, adversarial, etc. You may include other characters and pairings as long as your pairing is a major part of each story.

- Groups should be easily recognizable by a title such as the Julii or conspirators, but make sure to list the characters included in the group when you make your claim. If you claim a group, try to write about each member to some extent. Other characters may be included, as long as your group or part of your group is the focus of each story.

- If you can think of something else you'd like to claim, just ask, and I'll probably accept. The only thing unclaimable is the entire series itself.

- You may claim up to five subjects at one time, and you may claim that subject for up to five theme sets. But keep in mind that it adds up quickly. If you claim as many subjects and themes as possible, you will have 125 stories to write.

- Check the claims list and make your claim.

- Only two people may share the same claim for the same theme set. Which means that if two people have claimed Vorenus for theme set VI, you may claim Vorenus for theme set III or I or X, but not VI.

- If you have any questions, check the FAQ.

- When posting your story, please use the following format:

Subject Line
Title (Claim, Theme Set #/Theme #)

So, your subject would look something like "Gods Beneath Us (Vorenus, Set V/Theme 5)"

Characters: (If you include other characters/pairings than your claim, list them here, not in the subject line.)
Theme: (Example -- Set V, Theme 5: Officium)

Please ALWAYS use the above format when posting to this community. You may add to the header, but please don't subtract from it.

- Either put your story behind an LJ cut or link to an off-community page with your story. You can make an LJ cut with the following tag: <lj-cut>

- Themes can be interpreted however you'd like to interpret them. Just don't write a story, then tack on a completely unrelated theme.

- Write one story/chapter per theme. In the case of chaptered stories, each chapter should be at least 1,000 words long -- which is to say that it should not simply be a single short story chopped up into five parts to cover your five themes. You may also write a series of connected stories to cover your themes, but they should each be able to be read as stand-alones (as in, all of the stories don't have to be read together to make sense).

- Do not post stories or artworks you've posted publicly before to fill your themes. Every story or artwork should be either completely new or previously posted under a friends-lock or in some restricted access situation. You may cross-post your stories to other communities, I only ask that they are newly available.

- Please don't use the theme as a title. The theme may be included in the title, but it shouldn't be all that you use.

- Please give all of your stories some sort of title. "Untitled" gets a little old.

- Once you've completed a theme set, even if you have other theme sets claimed that are unfinished, comment here. Each time you complete a theme set, you will receive an updated banner listing the accomplishments you've made at this community.

- If you have any questions, visit the FAQ.

Theme Set I
1) Veni, Vidi, Vici (I Came, I Saw, I Conquered)
2) Onus (Burden, Load)
3) Poenas Dare (To Pay the Penalty)
4) Proditor (Betrayer, Traitor)
5) Credere (To Believe, To Trust)
Theme Set II
1) Amabo Te (Please, Lit: I Will Love You)
2) Conturbare (To Throw into Confusion)
3) Aureus (Golden)
4) Caelum (Sky, Heaven)
5) Cinis (Ashes)
Theme Set III
1) SPQR (More info.)
2) Iocus (Joke, Jest)
3) Audulatio (Fawning, Flattery)
4) Exspectare (To Look For, To Expect, To Wait)
5) Impudenter (Shamelessly, Impudent)
Theme Set IV
1) Discedere (To Go Away, To Depart)
2) Culpa (Fault, Blame)
3) Imago (Image, Likeness)
4) Iuvare (To Help)
5) Veritas (Truth)
Theme Set V
1) Vulgus (The Common People, Mob, Rabble)
2) Vinum (Wine)
3) Superare (To Be Above, To Have the Upper Hand)
4) Temptatio (Trial, Temptation)
5) Officium (Duty, Service)
Theme Set VI
1) Optare (To Wish For, To Desire)
2) Nubes (Cloud)
3) Nondum (Not Yet)
4) Fata (The Fates)
5) Ingratus (Unpleasant, Ungrateful)
Theme Set VII
1) Sidus (Constellation, Star)
2) Timor (Fear)
3) Fabulae! (Nonsense!, Lit: Stories)
4) Moribus (Disease, Sickness)
5) Umbra (Shade, Ghost)
Theme Set VIII
1) Familia (Family)
2) Sacrificium (Sacrifice)
3) Niveus (Snowy, White)
4) Nox (Night)
5) Sumptus (Expense, Cost)
Theme Set IX
1) Baisum (Kiss)
2) Ira (Anger)
3) Exclamare (To Cry Out, To Call Out)
4) Fama (Rumor, Reputation)
5) Finis (End, Limit)
Theme Set X
1) Catena (Chain)
2) Bestia (Animal, Beast)
3) Sceleratus (Criminal, Wicked, Accursed)
4) Indignus (Unworthy)
5) Urbanus (Of the City)

Community Links
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- Completed/Drop Claims

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